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Watch Jamuna TV Live: Jamuna Television Limited an accomplice association of the Jamuna Group, has been impelled as a specific relentless satellite news station to give most groundbreaking national and overall news and information to the all-inclusive community of Bangladesh and watchers abroad. The association is centered around setting up the best human and specific resources in order to achieve wonderfulness in execution.

Jamuna TV Live

Jamuna TV Live is the most notable online Tv channel. You can without a doubt play Jamuna TV Live without additional notice. You can in like manner watch free more Bangla live Tv direct with HD spilling in your pc, mobile phones, android devices, iPad, iPhone from this site.

Jamuna TV Live

Jamuna TV Live Streaming contains interfaces or introduces or sidestep to TV channels from an untouchable webpage, which are transparently open on everywhere throughout the web. We are not backup at all with the conveyed Jamuna TV nor responsible for their substance. All substance is copyright of Jamuna TV Live specific owners.

Jamuna Television (Jamuna TV) is the totally fledged satellite Bangla Channel progressed computerized TV station in Bangladesh. Jamuna Television (Jamuna TV) impelled 5 April 2014. It has been impelled as a select constant satellite news station to give the most outstanding national and all inclusive news. Jamuna Television (Jamuna TV) is a private satellite 24 station asserted by Jamuna Group. The headquarters of Jamuna Television Live (Jamuna TV): Progoti Shoroni, Kuril (biswaroad), Baridhrara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Jamuna TV Live News

Jamuna TV is an outstanding divert in Bangladesh. Today, you will very likely see how Jamuna TV can be seen genuinely on your adaptable PC and on the web.

Jamuna Tv is the Bengali language 24 hours private TV station in Bangladesh. Jamuna TV Live Online has been impelled as a specific constant satellite news station to give the most bleeding-edge national and worldwide news and information to the all-inclusive community of Bangladesh and watchers abroad. This goes live ‘on-air’ starting its conveys from 5 April 2014 at 7:00 pm. Jamuna Tv conveys out of its home office organized near the Jamuna Future Park at Baridhrara in the capital city of Bangladesh. It has three-reason built studios. Jamuna Tv Online is on air 24 hours out of each day, 7 days seven days, using the most present-day creation and news social event advances to convey a strong timetable of unscripted TV dramatization, news, game and significantly more, to an arrangement of current issues, instructive and incitement programming engineers.

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Jamuna Television (Jamuna TV) (Bengali: যমুনা টিভি) is a Bengali-language 24-hour private TV station in Bangladesh. It has been impelled as a select constant satellite news station to give most current national and overall news and information to the all-inclusive community of Bangladesh and watchers abroad. This goes live “on-air”, starting its conveys from 5 April 2014 at 7:00 pm.

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Additionally, significantly progressively… Summary: Jamuna Television is on air 24 hours out of each day, 7 days seven days, using the most refined age and news gathering advancements to make a strong timetable of unscripted TV show, news, game and extensively more, too a grouping of current issues, instructive and incitement undertakings like.

Awards: In 2015, a Reporter named Mizan Malik of the TV win Muktijuddho Jadughar-Bazlur Rahman Award on Journalism relate to Independence War of Bangladesh. Jamuna TV acclaimed as Entrepreneur Friendly Media 2014 by Bangladesh Open Source Network for “Start!” TV program.

Jamuna Television LTD. generally called “Jamuna TV” is each moment of ordinary most common private satellite Bangla TV station of Bangladesh. Jamuna TV is a sister stress of Jamuna Group and associated with Doinik Jugantar (National Daily Newspaper) and Jamuna Future Park. Jamuna Group gets the license from the Bangladesh Govt. to set up and work a TV-Channel titled Jamuna Television Ltd. (JTV) on February 05, 2002.

Jamuna Television is before long a most renowned tip top satellite Bangla TV news station as they are giving the most bleeding edge national and by and large news and information for the overall public of Bangladesh and watchers abroad. The crucial objective of this Endeavor is to give our kinfolk the power of figuring out how to empower them to grow up the accomplished estimation on issues with respect to indispensable stress to them and to the country. This, all around, will address the estimations of lion’s share rule government and work towards propelling social, social and budgetary progression.

Thusly, the affiliation plans to show its pledge to building a solid association with the ordinary individuals who, no doubt, are authoritative accomplices in each and every national development. Jamuna is perceptive that inside and out arranged Jamuna Tv TV broadcasting on Youtube is the present world’s most basic media and that the opportunity has arrived to make its best use in adornment national and by and large feeling for the nation. The affiliation is locked in to set up the best human and explicit resources in order to accomplish inconceivability in execution.

Jamuna Television goes live ‘on air,’ starting its imparts from fifth April 2014 at 7:00 pm following a month of test transmissions. Jamuna TV is on air 24 hours of the day and 7 days seven days, utilizing the most awesome creation and news gathering movements to pass on an accumulation of current issues, informational and redirection programs. Jamuna Television conveys from its H.Q. masterminded near the Jamuna Future Park at Baridhrara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Channel Characteristic: Infotainment Channel (News and Program)

On Air Broadcast: From Dhaka, Bangladesh

Transmission: Via Satellite

Transmission Network Coverage: Throughout the nation (Bangladesh) by link arrange the Middle East, Australia allowed to air by means of satellite USA, UK and Europe inclusion through a business organization

Can be turned on the accompanying parameter: Satellite: APSTAR 7

Orbital Location: 76.5º E

Recurrence: 4131 MHz

Polarization: H (Horizontal)

Image Rate: 3600 KSPS

FEC: 3/4

Regulation: DVBS QPSK

If you have gone up against any sorts of an issue to watch BD live TV channel just comment underneath or teach us with your contact nuances for live help. Our phenomenal assistance bunch always powerful to give you the best help to the best energies. Constantly gives you the best help to watch live TV in Bangladesh on your PC or mobile phone.

Bangla Channel Live News

ATN Bangla Live – ATN News Live Streaming Free

ATN Bangla Live, ATN News Live: Initial every minute of every day ONLINE BANGLA MUSICAL TV CHANNEL. ATN BANGLA is a First Biggest every minute of every day Online Bangla Musical TV channel possessed by Multi Media Production Co. Ltd. (ATN Group). Atn Bangla Live TV propelled on June 3, 2014, as ATN Bangla. The channel communicates music-related programming principally as an assortment of music video-based projects and meeting arrangement. ATN music TV highlights top-quality creations with a spotlight on Bangla music projects and Bengali culture in UK, USA, and Canada, a few pieces of Europe, the Middle East and past.

ATN Bangla Live

ATN Bangla is a first Bengali language 24-hour blend Entrainment TV in Bangladesh… is possessed by ATN Multimedia Production Co Ltd. Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman is the Chairman and Managing Director of the channel. It transmits from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The direct is transmitted in South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The station offers a wide assortment of programming including news, films, dramatizations, syndicated programs, and then some. ATN Bangla began to communicate in South Asia on 15 July 1997. Communicates to Europe started in 2001.

ATN Bangla is a Bengali-language advanced digital TV station. It transmits from its studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is the primary satellite-based station in Bangladesh. The divert is transmitted in South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The station offers a wide assortment of programming including news, films, dramatizations, syndicated programs, and the sky is the limit from there. The divert began to communicate in South Asia on 16 July 1997, however, their site indicates 15 July. They authoritatively began their telecom on 16 July. Communicates to Europe started in 2001. The channel began broadcasting news from 16 August 2001.

ATN News Live Streaming

One of its projects, Amrao pari (We, as well, Can), won the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award at the 32nd International Emmy Awards Gala in 2004. The narrative was shot and coordinated by 18 young people from Bangladesh, and was centered around the genuine story of Abul Khair, a 9-year-old kid, who halted a traveler train from drawing nearer an incoherent Railtrack and counteracted a train disaster.

Pursue the lives of the characters as they approach their everyday schedule while additionally enduring the turns and turns that life tosses at them.

ATN Bangla Live

ATN Bangla is a Bangla language advanced digital TV divert in Bangladesh. ATN Bangla offers a wide assortment of projects including news, motion pictures, dramatizations, syndicated programs.

ATN News Live Today

Atn News Live is a News TV channel. The direct was propelled in 2010 and is owned by the Multimedia Company. The headquarter is situated in Dhaka.

ATN Bangla News is propelling another program titled, The Challenger, coordinated by Quueen Rahmaan, from February 3. The show will highlight different effective ladies in their regarded fields, including any semblance of Rokia Afzal Rahman, administrator of MIDAS Financing Limited, and Rubaba Dowla, Founder and Managing Director of Pulse Healthcare Services, among others. The show is assembled by Shrabonee Halder and facilitated by Ferdousi Ahmed.

Miss World Bangladesh on ATN Bangla Live

World popular groomer, Nayanika Chatterjee, will set up the victor of Miss World Bangladesh in these three months The generally foreseen Miss World Bangladesh 2018 will be broadcast on ATN Bangla beginning this evening. Miss World Bangladesh’s tryouts started on September 16 at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation.

The judges for the tryouts were artist Shuvro Deb, entertainer Tarin, models Khaled Sujon and Emi, and Barrister Farabi. They will likewise be directing the making a decision about the procedure in the last phases of the challenge. Tarin will pass judgment on the move, Shuvro will pass judgment on tunes, Khaled will do slope, Emi will take a gander at design, and Farabi will look at the general learning of the contenders.

Miss World Bangladesh is being introduced by Diamond World. It is fueled by Prem’s Collection, and co-controlled by Step Footwear. The telecom accomplice is ATN Bangla, Ekattur TV is the TV news accomplice, the cordiality accomplice is Royal Paradise Hotel, Jaago News24 is the online accomplice, and Jaago FM 94.4 is their FM accomplice.

ATN News LIVE Streaming Free

Antar Showbiz led the choice procedure at a delightful set built by the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation. After tryouts, choice, and execution based rounds, top ten hopefuls have been chosen by the judges. They will be prepared at the recently assembled Hotel Royal Paradise in Gulshan 2. Ivan Shahriar Shohag will do the move movement. On September 20 the excellent finale of Miss World Bangladesh will happen at the Rajdarshan lobby of International Bashundhara Convention City, which will be broadcast live on ATN Bangla.

ATN News Live

The program will be facilitated by DJ Sonica and RJ Nirob and will air at 9 pm. The choice of the main ten will likewise have appeared in these scenes.

Executive of Antar Showbiz, Swapan Chowdhury, said “I am extremely appreciative to every one of the patrons, accomplices, and media. I likewise thank the overseeing chief of Antar Showbiz, Nasreen Chowdhury. Without her resolute endeavors, the majority of this would not have been conceivable. I need to likewise thank engineer Mehedi Hasan. I am likewise thankful to the legislature for their help. I demand the media feature the inspiration of the occasion.

“We need to send the chose up-and-comer names by September. Along these lines we sorted out everything as quickly as time permits,” Swapan included.

The competitor who is picked to be Miss World Bangladesh will take an interest in the Miss World challenge, to be hung on December 7 in China. The coordinators said they will get three months before the last determination of Miss World. World well-known groomer, Nayanika Chatterjee, will set up the champ of Miss World Bangladesh in these three months. Since 1996, with the assistance of Nayanika, a few contenders have won the tiara for Miss World.

TV Information Website

  • ATN Bangla: (এটিএন বাংলা)
  • Genre: General
  • Language: Bengali
  • Live Stream / Video: LIVE
  • Bitrate: High
  • Country / Location :  Asia > Bangladesh > Bangladeshi TV (1)
  • Headquarters Kawran Bazar, Dhaka (Bangladesh)

ATN Bangla, the primary private satellite TV slot in the nation, ventures into the 21st year tomorrow.

With the subject Abiram Banglar Mukh, the channel propelled its memorable adventure on July 15, 1997. To commend its establishing commemoration, ATN Bangla will air a lot of uncommon projects throughout the day. The channel will be broadcast a particular program titled “Dui Dosh an Ek” at 08:30 am on the day.

Later a particular sequential of the program titled ‘Amra Korbo Joy’ will be circulated at 10:30 am on Saturday.

At 11:00 am the ATN family will cut a cake and will begin broadcasting the day-long welcome program. In the wake of the nightly news, the station will broadcast the program ‘Live in Dhaka. Notable Bollywood entertainer Sharmila Tagore will perform at the program, while Kolkata’s vocalist Jeet Gannguli and India’s melodic unscripted TV drama Saregamapa’s Runner UP Doyel Goswami will go with the senior artiste. Sharmila Tagore will show up before the group of spectators for forty minutes for inquiry and answers. Five Bangladeshi artistes, Tarin, Nipun, Nadia, Chadni and Mehazabien will be hit the dance floor with Sharmila Tagore. Bangla Channel Live Entertainment is arranging the occasion. It will keep running from 6 pm to 11 pm.

ATN Bangla was transformed into computerized divert in 1999 while it began broadcasting its Bangla News on August 2001, English News on October 1, 2002, and News consistently in 2003. ATN Bangla was regarded with the Emmy Award, which is known as Oscar of the little screen for airing the program Amrao Pari in a range of one and a half many years of its voyage.

Plus, the channel won some esteemed honors like Asian Regional Award, Meena Media Award, Bazlur Rahman Smriti Padak, Asian Broadcaster of the Year Award and United Nations Correspondents Association Award.

ATN Bangla in Chittagong

Chittagong, March 17 (BDNEWS) – The recently introduced studio of ATN Bangla’s Chittagong focus officially went into activity Friday. Civic chairman of Chittagong city Alhaj A B M Mohiuddin Chowdhury initiated the studio as a boss visitor at a capacity held at Chittagong Press Club.

The civic chairman in his discourse encouraged the ATN Authority to extend different provincial issues for improvement of the port city, which is the monetary lifesaver of the nation. Director of the private station Mahfuzur Rahman said that the ATN would broadcast live notices of the following general races from Chittagong moreover.

He additionally reported that the ATN specialist would likewise air live the neighborhood news from Chittagong. The ATN will create a bundle of projects on various social, political and social issues in the recently dispatched studio and will broadcast those from the Dhaka station. ATN Bangla Chittagong office in control Alhaj Ali Abbas additionally talked on the event.

ATN Bangla live TV Online

ATN Bangla Live TV on the web – ATN Bangla is a decent quality TV channel. This channel shows Live at any occasion. Introduction of ATN Bangla is generally excellent quality. ATN Bangla live TV shows are demonstrated live. ATN Bangla is extremely mainstream as live TV on the web. So we added Atn Bangla Live TV channel to our site. ATN Bangla is that the underlying Bengali language that is discovered twenty-four hours inside the mission enterpriser television in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh … ATN mixed media framework Production Co. close by Dr. Administrator and executive of Mahfuzur Rahman Channel. it’s sent from the capital of Bangladesh.


The channels are sent to South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Their ar various programming offers together with stations, news, films, plays, discussions, and the sky is the limit from there. On July 15, 1997, ATN Bangla began broadcasting in South Asia. Broadcasting started in Europe in 2001. Close by this, tune in to live radio online and see all newspaper in this edge.

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Somoy TV Live – Somoy News Live: Bengali compromise, all magazines, magazines and TV channels of Bangladesh, at a compromise. The number of national newspapers in Bangladesh can not be read by buying one for one. It is possible to read the news published by the magazine by entering the official web site of all national magazines of Bangladesh. So, keeping this in mind, we have a small effort. Through our compromise, news of all the national magazines, magazines and TV channels in Bangladesh can be read.

Somoy TV Live

Somoy TV Live

Somoy TV is an application from Somoy Television Bangladesh (সময়) As of late propelled application has live TV spilling for most recent news refreshes. You can likewise peruse and share the most recent news and remark.

News are sorted in a way that you can locate your local and neighborhood news effectively. Zilla news has been isolated from all the news. You can watch the most recent recordings of a few kinds of news from this application.

My News section presents to you the opportunity to pick which sort of news you need to see uncommonly on your decision.

Somoy Tv Live is one of the spearheading 24-hour news situated TV slots in Bangladesh. The channel grew up with a band of dedicated columnists of the nation who previously accomplished distinction at both local and global levels.

Somoy TV Live on Youtube

Somoy News live proceeds with its exercises with the end goal of exhibiting legitimate and politically fair-minded news to the crowd in the niche and corners of Bangladesh and different pieces of the world.

You can look through any news directly from your Somoy application or Somoy news live on their official youtube channel by tapping on hunt symbol from any page. It has an immense crisis contacts database that we bring to you when you are in crisis.

Somoy News Details

Name: Somoy Media Ltd. 24/7 free to air News Channel in Bangladesh.
Office: Nasir Trade Center,300/4, Bir Uttam C.R. Dutta Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880 2 9670058-65, Fax : +880 2 9670056, +880 2 9670057 (News)
Web: Web : | fb :

You can discover numerous schools, school, and foundations with their ongoing notification and news.

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