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Breaking News BD: breaking news bd news 24 The list of newspapers of Bangladesh means a list of published journals published in Bangla and English published in Bangladesh. There are daily newspapers such as daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly, and these magazines are available in all major districts of the country. However, only district-based journals are printed. Currently, no evening edition of Bangladesh is published. However, there are existing broadsheet newsletters as well as complete online-based press, and currently, the online print edition of most printed newspapers is also seen.

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Time, attention and hard work needed for basic work. Along with this, curiosity and interest in knowing. The meaning of journalism is to say something new to the people. This guide was created based on the statement made by Kevin Marsh, former editor of the Today program for BBC journalists in various lectures and workshops on the need for basic journalism.

Breaking News BD

The newspaper is registered with the Registration Department of Bangladesh Film and Publications Department under the Ministry of Information. According to the 30th June 2013, published by the Department of Films and Publications, the number of newspapers registered in Bangladesh is 3061 (not included in online media), of which 1268 are published from Dhaka and 1793 other districts. are 1213 daily, semi-weekly 3, weekly 1181, fortnightly 213, monthly 410, bi-monthly 8, quarter-monthly 28, astrologers 1, six monthly and two annual newspapers. 

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All journalists want to do basic work. That’s why we joined this profession. Basic journalism – With these two words together, it seems that the same thing has been said twice. That’s what I should remember. The meaning of journalism is to say something new to people, to say something that will attract their attention and keep them. All journalists – even those we are proud of – are concerned about how much their work is being fundamental or original. Where will the next original story come from? Basic journalism requires special skills. You can learn that craft, but many people in this profession think that the opportunity to apply this special skill is gradually decreasing.

Journalists have to create more stories than just a few years ago. Under the pressure of more work, you can think that your real work is to process everything – not to think of new stories or to search. Moreover, nowadays the information and is-data flooding on the Internet are likely to sink while finding the right information.

Time, attention and hard work needed for basic work. There is no need to do anything here – here’s hard work, not just for a few days, but constantly. Attitudes may be needed here and the need for habit will be broken.

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When I was planning these lectures and workshops, many BBC editors, the reporter I talk to producers and researchers, and I do not recommend them. You must practice. But be careful: if you understand the matter well, then you can become quite boring people!

You are going to create such an attitude so that you can not listen to anyone without thinking of the question ‘why this is happening’, or ‘what is going on here’, or cannot read any magazines or magazines, even walk on the road Can not Force yourself to think about those questions that you have seen or heard or read, and did not answer those questions.

Practice going to the ‘World Summary’ section of the paper – read the shortest Breaking News BD there and think of the questions that are not answered in those few lines.

Remove yourself from neutrality for a while to get started. What was your first reaction or first thought? Others think so? What happens when you challenge your response? Where will you take your thoughts?

And practice the things you do every day – see, you can find what others have not been able to see.

The big way to start the thought process in this way is, you do not have to know anything. Just be eager and think. A senior editor remembers his first assignment at a local radio station in North England:

There was no such work in my hands. I then imagined myself to be a local businessman. Then, a telephone without the prior contact of the local executive company chief executive. He was a local leader of the ruling Tory party and was very angry with the government’s commercial sanctions. Interview with him becomes the lead story of our breaking news bulletin. With the follow-up interview, it becomes the main news of local magazines and regional televisions. ‘

Before 1972, local offices of various international news organizations were in operation in Bangladesh. After the independence of Bangladesh, BASA started its journey in 1972 as a full-fledged news agency.